giovedì 22 aprile 2010

SPACEMEN 3 - Sound of confusion [Fire records]

Spacemen 3s debut album "Sound Of Confusion", released in 1986, was a blistering affair - establishing their love of the two-chord song and also expressing their admiration for the likes of MC5, The 13th Floor Elevators and The Stooges. Sound of Confusion was 7 tracks of overdriven assault, with a strange bleakness and despair creeping through the hypnotic sprawl. R Hunter Gibson would later say: "It boosts the value of unlit rooms, unpaid debts and unfeigned terror and it would rather tackle the gradients than settle for level best."
(Fire Records)


Gli ultimi mesi del 2009 sono stati decisamente fertili per le ristampe psichedeliche, dopo il classico della Chocolate Watchband vi propongo una bella ristampa della Fire records riguardante il primo capitolo degli Spacemen 3, debutto all' insegna della tradizione Garage-Psych venato Mc5. Un disco circolare, potente e rivelatore, quasi un' ammissione/tributo alle proprie influenze, rilette in chiave eighties.

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