giovedì 15 novembre 2007

AA.VV / Antipodean screams Vol. 2 [ Off the hip ]

Razzolando nel cesto dei potenziali acquirenti rock, mi sono reso conto che certe verità andrebbero scritte da qualche parte, chessò magari in una sorta di manifesto comportamentale dello spendaccione rock, o qualcosa di simile. Mi spiego meglio, ci sono label come la Off the hip che andrebbero benedette, anzi come minimo andrebbero omaggiate con un centinaio di videocassette che riproducono in loop applausi finti. Guardate, basta aprirla la vostra copia di urli Australiano-Zelandesi e scorrere velocemente tra le righe esplicative per imbattersi nel monito di Mickster: " If you're in a band then get in touch to be included on third volume. I f you' re not in a band then write a fanzine, open a club, host a radio show or launch a record label 'cause the underground needs active partecipation from people with good taste like you obviously have!!! " . Lacrime agli occhi. Rockers, Antipodean screams significa aver preso con un retino grande come l' Australia e la Nuova Zelanda tutte le zecche garage punk in sella a canguri, topi, cani e felini di varia sorta. Ci sono i lascivi garager PERSIAN RUGS le donzelle SHIMMY'S che incrociano Debby Harry con i ramones, e poi ancora JOHNNY CASINO, THE DAMNED EVANGELIST che in " Damn you! " sfrecciano fiammeggianti verso una notte di eccessi. Poi ancora i pezzi da novanta STEMS ed i sorprendenti BOOBY TRAPS. Dai, infondo lo so, piacerà anche a voi affogare in una cascata di sudore selvaggio.

La tracklist:

1. St. Peters Infirmary by Persian Rugs

2. Dishwasher Blues by The Pink Fits

3. Highschool Honey by The Shimmys

4. Keep On Keepin' On by Johnny Casino and the Secrets

5. Ace of Spades by The Mysterious Tapeman

6. Get Au Go-Go by Dolly Rocker Movement

7. Dead Town by Los Hories

8. Can't Count by Straight Arrows

9. Cave Girl by Voodoo Savage & His Savages

10. Wannabee by The White Swallows

11. Sick of You by The Stoneage Hearts

12. Damn You! by The Damned Evangelist

13. Turkish Delight by The Unfuckable

14. Hang Up by The Molting Vultures

15. Going to the River by Wal Purgis and the Werewolves

16. Bury Your Problems by The Sailors

17. Out of the Window by Knife Fight

18. Paranoid Mind by Lords Of Gravity

19. Move Me '07 by The Stems

20. What a Guy Can't Do by The Booby Traps

21. Dog Tired by The Tash Mints

22. Discomfort by The Mess Makers

23. Choke by Grande Cobra

24. You've got the Answers by Mink Jaguar

25. I Want You by Digger and the Pussycats

26. Dirty Girl by The Frowning Clouds

27. Fist by The New Invincibles

28. Shitsville by The Bloody Souls

29. Bring me Down by Devil Dolls

30. Babysitter by The Homicides

31. Kids by The Ripping Dylans

32. Take me Away by The Elephant Gods

33. Surfin' UFO by The Beach Chromers

34. Gelatin Pyramids by Wrong Turn

35. Mr. Brown by Thee Pyscho Delmatics

36. Party at Boss Christs' House by Boss Christ

37. She's so Good by The Crusaders

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